Transcend the everyday,

with art that channels the eternal.

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An intuitive visual language that speaks directly to your soul, recreating natural sensations to weave stories of rolling ocean waves, flowers in bloom and golden light filtering through the trees.

It's nature; in paint.


I'm Amica.

An Australian, abstract artist that harnesses Japanese principles of simplicity and “Ma” to create original fine art rich in depth and emotion. My compositions activate the senses, allowing immersive visual experiences that transport you outdoors straight into nature’s arms.


"It is the effortless mixing of colours. It doesn’t feel contrived. It flows naturally. And I probably sense your ease. It's not easy to portray such depth and richness so effortlessly. You feel it. Your mind doesn't seem to be involved. I was awestruck by the richness and simplicity. "

Manisha - Selected Living

"Your work brings a sense of freedom—freedom for you as an artist to express emotions, and for me as an observer to resonate with the fluidity and motion in your paintings. The use of white space and encapsulation beautifully merges 'the world' with 'the me,' sharing space without restriction."

Averyll Fitgerald _ Handmade Exchange

Amica’s way of meditative, intuitive creation inspires us to slow down too. The flow of colours inhabiting Aindow’s art are reminders of quiet calm, and the joys of weaving our innate self with the beauty of our world.

Nabila Chemaissem - Art Edit