About Amica

I borrow from nature, to create paintings that form heartfelt connections.

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Hello! I'm Amica. An abstract artist currently dripping paint in the garden city of Toowoomba, Queensland.


Amica Aindow, an Australian artist, is an abstract expressionist painter celebrated for her earthy, botanical forms. Her work captures the intricacy and beauty of the natural world, deeply influenced by Zen aesthetics and the philosophy of wabi-sabi.

Born in Germany, and raised on the Isle of Wight, England, Aindow embarked on a global journey with her family before finding her home in Australia. She holds a Fine Arts and Education degree from Queensland University of Technology and has been recognised as a finalist in esteemed competitions such as the Australian Contemporary Art Awards and Art Lovers Australian Prize.

​Aindow's art has graced numerous group and solo exhibitions and received widespread attention, featuring on prestigious platforms like Grand Designs, Channel 9's TV show The Block, Country Living, Art Edit, and Home Design Magazines. Her creations have earned a place in esteemed public and private collections, including The Star Casino and The Crown Towers in Sydney.



Where there’s paint on the floors, doors and in my pores. 

On the record player: Folk music

In the glass: A raw cacao kale smoothie … or coffee.

Celebratory sips: Gin

Holding the paintbrush: A total cheeky dork

Fave kid-friendly curse: Mother Father!

Most likely to vomit over: ‘Skin’ on coffee or custard. Bleugh.

Great at: Making a decent curry, holding plank position and playing with paint.

Not so great at: Being cool. Being on time. Being cool and on time? Bloody hell, Harry.

Absolutely horrible at: Sewing and spreadsheets!

Amica’s way of meditative, intuitive creation inspires us to slow down too. The flow of
colours inhabiting Aindow’s art are reminders of quiet calm, and the joys of weaving our
innate self with the beauty of our world.

Nabila Chemaissem - Art Edit

Today, I transform creative chaos into calm with a signature artistic style focused on emotional richness and natural simplicity.

I stumbled on my current style by painting white into a ruined canvas.

As I stroked the brush across the collision of colours, it truly felt like I was digging out treasure.

With every splash of white, a kind of elemental alchemy formed, conjuring circular, precious stones of colour and beauty.