Paradox Solo Exhibition

Paradox Solo Exhibition


24 May - 23 June 2024

Art Images Gallery, 32 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067, Australia

In this new exhibition, Amica extends on her familiar sensibility for working with colour and form, to produce works with an elevated energetic charge. Though seemingly consistent with previous work, these new explorations consistently extend a sense of the sublime that captures and amplifies an essence, perhaps a metaphysical quality that transcends simple explanation, something that explores the concept of ‘self’ through notions of expansion and growth - while simultaneously engaging in a return trip to the core of being.

Either way, the works operate with a subtle newness. They introduce the next phase of exploration evidencing that Amica’s practice, as with nature, is in a gradual yet constant state of change. A living, breathing expression of life and the mystery of creation.