Wear Whatever You Want!

Emma J is smart, gorgeous, and a fantastic mum. Today she shares her first piece for Amica and we love it!!

I read an article the other day titled “Just because you’re a mum, doesn’t mean you need to look like you slept under a rock”. The author claimed she had always been a girly girl, and now she was a mum, she still loved to dress nice and put make-up on, therefore all other mums should do the same. Well sweetheart, here is my response to your mum-shaming article:

1. As a mum, if you got any sleep (even if it was under a rock), you are winning.

2. If dressing nice and putting on make-up makes you feel happy, go for it! As mothers, we all need to take time for ourselves, but other people may have a different version of “me-time” and chose to do something other than putting on make-up. Personally, if I have 5 minutes free from small persons/cooking/cleaning/laundry/packing up toys/paying bills, here are a few things I would prefer to do than put on make-up:

  • ​brush my teeth and go to the toilet
  • ​raid my secret chocolate stash
  • ​write for Amica and read the other awesome posts on here
  • ​shop online (just stuff for the kids of course, nothing for me)
  • ​watch the Bachelor I taped last night because I missed it while I was settling the baby.

3. Not everyone has “always been a girly-girl”. Some of us never liked dressing fancy and putting on make-up, and that hasn’t changed now we are mums.

4. I have a spewy baby, why would I wear something expensive or pretty if it is just going to be covered in spew?

5. I get down on the floor and play with my toddler, we go for walks to the park and I go on the swings and the slide with him, I’m continuously lifting/carrying/changing my 8 kilo 3 month old (yes, she’s massive) so hell yeah I dress for comfort. Why wouldn’t I wear exercise attire when I’m doing weight bearing, aerobic exercise all day?

So mummas, wear whatever you want and rock those beautiful make-up free faces (even if you do have bags under your eyes).
Em J

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  1. Loved this Emma, you’re so right about the ‘one size fits all’ being a total furphy when it comes to parenthood. Of course you don’t have to give up your relationship with grooming and fashion as a mum, if that’s what floats your boat. The salient word being “if”! Parenthood is a totally unique experience for every mum, and I reckon if you’re gonna look like you’ve been sleeping under a rock, at least make sure the sheets are at least 500 thread count, for Heavens sake!

  2. I agree totally Emma!!!!
    After two spewie kids I live in pj’s when I’m at home so I actually have clean/dry clothes to wear out of the house! I still maintain the would would be a happier place if we could wear trackies and slippers to work

    • That would be a wonderful world Clare, luckily our current “work” does allow pjs and slippers

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